Case Study – Speaking That Connects


Case Study

Speaking that Connects helps people communicate clearly, effectively and with impact. Owner Eileen N. Sinett is known as the speaker and presentation coach who changes lives by showing people how to “up their communication game” through a process that involves thinking, doing, and being.


Eileen Sinett was looking to grow her customer base and increase her client bookings. She turned to Barbara Stange, proclaimed Work-Goddess, to improve work flow and strengthen her marketing strategies. Barbara created and implemented a plan which included a strong online and social media presence, improved branding, and targeted leads lists. Thanks to the collaborative work between Work-Goddess and Speaking that Connects, Eileen now has more customer contacts, speaking and coaching bookings, and she has been able to keep her focus on helping her clients communicate at their best.

Action Plan

Considering her client's concerns and goals, Barbara proposed a solution that integrated Eileen’s business needs with her personal style, budget, and work schedule. Eileen gave the plan a thumbs up, and Barbara moved from pre-planning to action.  The solution was a multifaceted marketing approach that included:

 Online presence optimization

 Social media content

 Digital marketing campaigns

Website Development

 Branding and recognition

 Sales leads and mailing lists

 Work flow management

 Graphic design and display

 Editorial input



Thanks to Work-Goddess, Eileen says her business is better organized today. “With Barbara managing events, social media and digital marketing, I can concentrate on what customers pay me to do and what I do best: training,  coaching and speaking,” she says. In terms of business planning, she finds it is easier to focus on her long range goals because she’s not overly stressed by short-term to-do lists.

“I like working with Barbara because she helps me grow,” says Eileen. “She gently persuades me to try marketing approaches that are new to me. She works with me on projects that are not among my favorite things to do but are important for my business to thrive. What’s more, Barbara is budget savvy and good at doing things economically. When it comes to planning, she knows how to think strategically. When it comes to implementing, she’s good at getting the job done.”

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Case study by Lynn Robbins

Photography by Laura Pedrick