Get Your Sh*t Together (GYST)

Does This Sound Familiar?

You have lists of things to do... To Do Lists... things you have intended to accomplish for weeks or months or even years, but there is just not enough time in the day to get to the multitude of tasks on your ever-growing lists of things you should do.

Good News...

I can help you Get Your Sh*t Together. Whether you need help setting up your social media accounts, or figuring out where your digital assets are registered (domain name, hosting, email accounts, etc) or coordinating that email campaign for your upcoming event, or a hand with a million and one other business tasks.

I Will Help You GYST.

Your Digital Assets
Where are they located?
Do you own them?
Where is your website hosted?
How about your email accounts?
What are your user names and passwords?
Who? What? When? Where? and How Many?

Your Social Media
Create or Update - LinkedIn Profile – eliminate duplicates, if present
Create or Update - Facebook Business Page
Create or Update - YouTube Channel

Your Email Campaigns*
Create or Update - Newsletters or Email Campaigns
* I just happen to be an 'Authorized Constant Contact Solutions Provider'


Contact me today for a worry-free tomorrow...
(or at least a worry-less tomorrow).